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Red Flags. Spot Them In 5 Minutes or Less.

I was trained to spot red flags in college applications.

And do it all, in 5 minutes or less.

I've been in the trenches--a veteran reader of thousands of college applications, both as a college admissions counselor and admissions application reader.

In 5 minutes or less, I learned how:

  • To read the transcript or self-reported grades.

  • To review the activity list.

  • To review the application.

  • To review the high school profile.

Then, I'd glance over the essays looking for key factors that supported the institution's priorities. Okay that may have been five minute MAX more time.

(Pssstttt....If you're unfamiliar with UC Comprehensive Review, it's time to get familiar.)

These admission factors are very common not just for the UCs; rather MOST colleges use something like this in their own application review process.

And then, finally, I'd score the applicant.

And do it all, in 5 minutes or less.

5 minutes leaves NO time for re-reading confusing or contradictory essays.

NO time for repetitive, lengthy lists of accomplishments...

NO time for embellished resumes...

And NO TIME for reading between the lines when a red flag is raised.

Five minutes.

300 seconds.

That's the only shot your teen has to make a lasting, memorable first impression at the many colleges who utilize a holistic, comprehensive review process.

Listen: I've spent the last month working with seniors with whom I did not work with during the regular application season.

And, when I'm helping them to identify what may have gone wrong when they first applied, I am seeing A TON OF RED FLAGS.

There's no way these teenagers (or parents) would have known what red flags are being raised because these red flags are often seemingly innocent comments or exclusions from an application that y'all often just don't know.

That's the challenge with college admissions; sometimes you just "don't know what you don't know."

Your teen's experiences are unique (whether you think so or not), and you need a trained eye to guide him or her through it.

You don't want applications to raise a single red flag.

Let's make sure they don't.

It's time to develop a college application strategy & refine (or for some, completely build) a well-rounded college list.

Whether you want my support...from college list to final application...or simply advisement with your teen's college essays, I'm excited to work with your Class of 2020 teen. SPOTS ARE LIMITED!

Ooooo, and if you've got a high school sophomore, those spots are also filling up!

My caseload is kept purposely very small, so if you're thinking "I'll wait until his or her junior year to get on board," please think twice!

You want to secure your teen's spot ASAP!

Book an intro call with me to see what service fits best, and we'll go from there.

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