As the school year begins again, let’s address a common question: “Do freshman year  grades really matter to colleges?” 

Absolutely!  There’s a common myth that high school freshman-year grades don’t matter to colleges.  This rumor often stems from the fa...

I always expect my phone line to be busy the first few weeks of school. 

It’s true that reality sets in for families after the long summer break, as they realize it’s time to figure out the college list, college entrance exams and applications. 

But that’s not...

Okay, for starters. This isn't just my "opinion"--this is a very well-researched topic.

Check out Challenge Success and their white paper on the topic here:


While it's true school is almost out for summer, for rising seniors, there's one “class” that's just begun. It will take all the energy the student can muster. It will take courage. Demand patience. Require the art...

I was trained to spot red flags in college applications.

And do it all, in 5 minutes or less.

I've been in the trenches--a veteran reader of thousands of college applications, both as a college admissions counselor and admissions application reader.

In 5 minutes or less,...

Looking for Lisa's 20 Q's Your Teen Should Ask on Campus Visits? Click here to download. 

I fondly recall my first college tour as a high school junior.

My mom and I flew up to Washington to visit what I thought was my No. 1 choice at the time, The University of Washingt...

Here’s some serious Straight Talk. 

AKA Lisa’s post "Ivy Day" a.m. rant.

Waitlists are THE most selfish strategy colleges use to ensure every seat is filled come the first day of school.

Waitlists have everything to do with the college’s own concern for its financial stab...

One of my absolute favorite parent educators, Vicki Hoefle of Duct Tape Parenting, hosted her weekly Ask Vicki FB Live today, and suddenly, I became one of those over-zealous commenters with the insatiable desire to hit "like"and "love"every two seconds while she was s...

So, you've probably heard by now that The College Board's test security sucks. I mean downright ridiculously awful. Look at the headlines: SAT Cheating Scandal Broadens with Indictment of 15 Chinese Nationals, SAT Integrity Falls Victim to China Cheating Scandal, Was S...

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