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Extremely small case loads. Unmatched expertise. Trusted advice. A motivating, compassionate approach.

From an expert analysis of your academic and extracurricular profile to developing a well-rounded, personalized college list, your EDvantage counselor will meet you wherever you’re at in the college admissions process. We work directly with students and parents in 8th-12th grade, along with transfer students, assisting you every step of the way.


All comprehensive packages begin with a Strategy Session to gather the necessary profile information, answer your most urgent college admissions questions, and identify next steps. No stone is left unturned as we provide the expertise you need to build your strongest case for admission and create winning applications to your top choice schools.


Our consulting services leave parents feeling empowered. Our students feel motivated to meet key milestones ahead of deadline. EDvantage families are the most informed and prepared as they calmly navigate the often stressful path to higher education.

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