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Expertise. Guidance. Support.

At EDvantage, we provide the most trusted, knowledgeable, and compassionate college admissions advising services for students and parents, school districts, individual schools and counselors.


Our primary mission is to ensure all families gain the highest level of personalized advising and expertise, in order to gain a competitive edge and make the best higher education decisions.

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"We would not have made it through college apps for three kids without Lisa!  What impressed us most was her ability to discern the unique personalities and college objectives of each of our children, helping them narrow the seemingly endless list of schools down to the universities that best matched their interests, talents and abilities. 

We were so excited when all three were accepted into their top choices.  Our son graduated from Vanderbilt University two years ago with a degree in economics with a minor in corporate strategy, our middle daughter is a senior dance major at Elon University (with a minor in communications), and our youngest is a sophomore nursing major at Villanova University.  They all love their college experiences and we cannot be more happy with their choices and with Lisa's help in making it all happen.  "




"I cannot say enough about how motivating, capable and effective Lisa is at helping students with the college admissions process! She has worked with three of our kids... one was accepted to NYU, another was accepted to Stanford, and she is currently working with our HS senior. Lisa is SO knowledgeable about the process and offers the necessary guidance, while also inspiring her students to bring their best efforts to the admissions process. In this stressed out world of college admissions, Lisa is calm and organized in the way she gets her students to focus on what counts and put their best foot forward. I definitely recommend Lisa!"




"Working with Lisa was such an amazing experience and there is no way I would be where I am now without having had her guidance and support. For many, the college application process is daunting and overwhelming. With Lisa, I was able to enjoy the process and really learn to grow and stretch myself in order to get where I wanted to go. Lisa is attentive, caring, and diligent, putting her best foot forward with each and every one of her clients to ensure success. Her business practice allowed me to bounce ideas off of peers in a mentally stimulating environment, which resulted in enjoyable, writing sessions and workshops. Lisa’s hard work and investment in my college application process made a forever lasting impression when I think back on how I finally made it to the school of my dreams."




  "College is about fit – Lisa nailed it

for all three of our kids.  Her process is organized and effective.   Her application and essay schedule, drop in workshops, and persistent prodding of our children ensured that everything was completed on time without errors.  She was invaluable during the essay process; making them abandon failed topics, and then write, edit and re-write the essay in order to get it perfect.  Best of all, we did not have to nag our kids to get the applications and essays done because she did that for us!  We strongly encourage all parents and students to work with Lisa and to take full advantage of her proven system."





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