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I can't believe it! Could NOT have done it without you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you've done. You have made the hugest impact on my life. I will always be grateful for you!!

High School Senior, Sage Hill, headed to Stanford Fall 2013
I must say if I had not have met you a year an half ago, my kids would not be where they are today. They each are at a college that was their first choice and you knew all along what was best for each of them. You made such a difference in what the next chapter of their lives will be, there truly is not enough kind words we can say about you. We are so thankful for all your professional advice, encouragement and at times staying on them to get things done. And keeping us in the loop. We admire how well you got to know them and what their personalities were and what would honestly fit them for their college years. ( even though we thought otherwise sometimes)HA HA. You are amazing at what you do and we feel blessed you came into our lives.

Parent, Tesoro High School, Twins headed to LMU & CU-Colorado Springs
I can't put a sufficient amount of thanks into this small card. First and foremost, thank you for your patience, understanding, and constant support throughout the application process. I literally couldn't have done it without you. And thank you for coming to my grad party. I can't wait to share all of my Columbia adventures with you!

Student, Class of 2015, Columbia University
I just wanted to let you know I'm finally in Tampa and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! It is so amazing here! Campus is beautiful, classes are small, food in cafeteria is delicious, my dorm room is awesome, I have queen size bed and private bathroom that I share with just my one roommate, tv with free HBO and lot of other things that are just... amazing. Thank you so much for your help, without you and your staff I probably wouldn't be here right now.

Former Newport Harbor HS Student, U of Tampa Class of 2016
"Words cannot describe how grateful Melissa, Ian and I are for all of the help, support, expertise, encouragement, etc. over the past year as Melissa discovered what she wanted to study in college and finding a school that fits her interest and personality so closely - she is so excited to be going to Marist!"

Parent of Student Headed to Marist College in Fall 2012
Thanks so much Lisa, but don't give my daughter all the credit; she could never have been so organized without you. Thanks so much for all your wonderful guidance & support. You are the best. As her mom, I truly appreciate all that you did.

Parent, Class of 2012
Thank you all for your help, your encouragement and your gentle, but persistent prodding to get my son to finish everything up early! He could never have managed to play basketball, keep his grades up, and also write his college essays. Iím sure he has let you know that he has been accepted at LMU and University of Oregon already! Now I guess itís just a waiting game for the others.

Parent, Class of 2012
Very positive feedback tonight! Thank you so much for all the organizing and to Lisa for a down to earth, informative presentation. I've heard a number of these over the years, and hands down, this was the best. We do have the article you sent scheduled to come out in the next newsletter. We are also happy to post any follow up information on our web site. Again, thanks so much to both of you!

PTSA President, Niguel Hills MS
THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My son really enjoys being in your office and all the 'energy' that's there with the other students and the help from all of you. Lisa, you are the best and I know you all work so hard to accommodate us.

Parent, Class of 2012
I can't even imagine writing all of those essays and supplements without any guidance, counsel, humor and reassurance! My mom is really glad she found you at an Ed Foundation meeting, if only because she didn't have to hold my hand (nag me) through the process. Thank you for demystifying the admissions process and getting to know me on a personal level. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Student, Class of 2015, Harvard
Thank you so much for your help with the application process and college essays. I would not be attending UCSB in the fall if it wasn't for your dedication and guidance to my search of a school that would fit me perfectly, (my glass slipper if you will). You really do care about each individual student and their goals of a higher education. I would recommend your counseling services to any high school or transfer student, hands down! Thanks again. Go Gauchos!

Transfer Student, Class of 2013, UC Santa Barbara
MIT!!! Thanks EDvantage, you helped keep me on track, edited my essays, and answered all the other random questions I had. This kid is going to college!

Student, Class of 2015, MIT
I hope all is well with you. I wanted to send an e-mail to thank you for how much you have helped me before and during, my time at Miami of Ohio. I graduated in May and cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes to such an incredible school that truly provided me with the best college experience I could have asked for. I graduated Cum Laude with a double major in journalism and English literature. I had mentioned graduate school as a possibility for me in the future and I'm happy to say I will be at USC's Annenberg School of Communication this fall working on a master's in journalism. Thank you again for everything!

Graduate, Class of 2011, Miami of Ohio
Just thought I'd let you know our daughter, your former client, was just offered a full time position with Deloitte. We are all very excited. Time flies...

Parent, Class of 2012, UCSB
I got the BU shirt in the mail a couple days ago, and oh my goodness, I was so excited! Thank, thank, thank you. It was so thoughful and kind of you to send that. I love the shirt. I can't wait to flaunt it at school and actually show some sort of school spirit.

Student, Class of 2015, Boston University
I was just going through old emails and thought I'd quickly update you on our kids. Our daughter, Trabuco class of 2010, just returned from a 3-month study abroad in Vienna where she also traveled to Berlin, Prague, and several other cities. Now her goal is to study her entire Junior year in Germany! She enjoys college. Tried sorority lifed but decided it was too much of a distraction and will live off campus in the fall. She loves UW and the Seattle area. Our son, just started a paid internship today at Apple Computer and is thrilled, as you can imagine. I can't believe he'll start his senior year this fall.

Parents, Santa Clara University, class of 2012 & University of Washington, class of 2014
I would like to thank you for all your help. You certainly made the whole process a lot easier. Those informative parent sessions were very helpful and the list of the schools for the class of 2011 is very impressive. Our daughter is very happy with her choice going to Berkeley and so are we.

Parent, UC Berkeley, Class of 2015
Officially going to DePaul University in Chicago next year!!! Thanks for everything you did to help me get there! I could not have done it without you!

Student, Class of 2015, DePaul University
Thank you so much for all of your help, there is SO much to know and do when you apply. I really appreciate all the work you guys did to help me. I would not have known what I wanted in a university or where my interests really are without going through that process though. I have to say, it is so, so wonderful to have everything decided.

Community College Transfer Student, Class of 2015, UC Berkeley
Can you believe itís 4 years later, and my son is graduating from Brown?! He had a remarkable experience, is graduating this coming Sunday near the top of his class (major in Intíl Relations and minor in Economics), and has a job waiting for him in DC. Thanks so much for all of your help!

Parent, Class of 2014
I just wanted to tell you that I accepted admittance to UCLA! I went to Bruin Day and the Engineering Open House and they were both amazing! Thank you again for everything you did for me, I could not have done it without you.

Student, Class of 2015, UCLA
I would like you to know that I have officially committed to the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. I want to thank you so much for all of your help with getting me through this college process. I really appreciate it and I could never thank you enough for what you and everyone at EDvantage has done for me. Also, thanks to everyone at EDvantage, I was accepted into all seven of the colleges I applied to. Without EDvantage that never would have been possible Thanks again! Roll Tide!

Student, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Class of 2015
I am aware that our son already replied with the good news of his acceptance into UCLA. While we still await word from the remaining four schools, I did want you to know that my wife and I are so thrilled with this news. More importantly, we both believe that we would not have reached this point without your involvement. Thank you - you made the difference.

Parents, Class of 2011
After our recent meeting with you and our 8th grade son, I just wanted to let you know he is actually excited about moving forward into high school. In addition to mapping out his academic schedule I really appreciated that you spoke frankly with him about about what he needs to do both academically and socially to achieve his college goals.

Parent, HS Freshman Class of 2015
Thank you Lisa for attending our mother-daughter chapter meeting last night! You are so good at what you do and I know you helped put the girls (and a few moms!) at ease regarding finding a college!

Parent, National Charity League, Member Event
Ahhhhhhhhhhh I'm so excited!!! Thank you so much for everything!! Sorry my message wasn't as excited this morning...I haven't really slept that last few days worrying about this so when I woke up and saw the e-mail I was kind of shocked, but yeah! Whitman!!!!!!!!!! I loved Whitman when I visited last year and just super thrilled right now!!!!!!!

HS Senior, Class of 2011
It's crazy weird not coming to the office anymore. I'm so used to it. I do actually miss it too.
-Student referring to EDvantage's "Application Drop-ins" for student clients to come in and work on their applications, receive help as needed and be with other students in a focused but fun working environment.

HS Senior, Class of 2011
I just had to write! I am so thrilled about my son's admittance to UCLA! I know that you all had everything to do with achievement! Thank you, thank you! This is a HUGE achievement for him and his dad and I are so proud! Go Bruins

Parent, HS Senior class of 2011
I am forever grateful for your work with my son. Your guidance allowed him to achieve beyond his wildest dreams! We are anxiously awaiting the UC decisions but in his heart of hearts I know he's leaning towards his dream school, USC.

Parent, HS Senior class of 2011
Just wanted to let you know I got into UCLA! I'm pretty excited and I'm looking foward to hearing from my other schools. Thank you again for everything you did for me, I really appreciate it.

HS Student, Class of 2011
We can't thank you enough for all of your work on behalf of our daughter. She had a great interview yesterday at USC for the Presidential Scholarship too! Thank you! Thank you!

Parent, HS senior class of 2011
We are THANKFUL to have you in our son's life and wanted you to know how much we appreciate you keeping him on track with all his college applications!

Parents, Class of 2011
Just got back from my college interview. I couldn't have been more relaxed. He closed by saying that he sees himself in me and was glad he got to talk with someone with such similar interests. Thank you so much for your interview prep! I felt so much more confident going in knowing what aspects of my life I wanted to focus on.

Student, Class of 2011
Thank you so much for the last-minute help that you provided to my son. He felt extremely confident submitting his two early deadline applications after your listening to your suggestions and editing comments! Thank you!

Parent, HS senior class of 2011
You are incredible. Thank you so much for everything. Our daughter feels sooooo good about her application. Thank you for being so professional, and working with her one-on-one until she felt ready to go.

Parent, HS senior class of 2011
I was just telling one of my friends yesterday that I would be completely lost if I didn't have you to guide me through the whole college process, and I am so thankful! I already made my sister a binder of all my essays, resumes, interview questions etc. so she'll be ready for you when the time comes!

Student, Northwestern, Class of 2014
We've been meaning to write and thank you for the assistance and direction you provided our daughter in securing admission to USF, her first choice school. USF was also our top choice for her. In addition to acceptance to a great university, she was also able to secure a $7,000/year academic scholarship. Thank you again for your insistence on pursuing the award after our last conversation. All the best to you, your family and your business.

Parents, Class of 2014
I hope all is well! I'm just sending you a message to let you know that I just graduated last week. It seems like these past 4-5 years have just flied by; it feels like I was just sitting down with you to figure out where I would be going to school not too long ago haha. Now that I look back on everything, I truly see how important choosing the right place to go to school was, and how it has shaped me into the person I have become today, which is why I wanted to thank you again for all the hard work you did for me many years ago. Also, I figure you must have many students now, and if any of them want to talk to somebody that has worked with you and now finally graduated from an institution which you helped me get into, please feel no hesitation to refer them to me, I would love to help (especially if anyone is specifically interested in Hopkins).

Student, Johns Hopkins Class of 2010
"No words could be added to the ones my kids have expressed other than WE ARE SO PROUD. Your success is exciting and so well-deserved.

Parent, UCSB Class of 2012 & Northeastern Class of 2014
Thank you again for gently, but firmly coaching my two children through their tears, procrastination, and indecision to really successful outcomes.

Parent, U of Washington Class of 2014 & Santa Clara University Class of 2012
Thank you SO much for the package of Northwestern gear I got in the mail! It was such a nice surprise and I really appreciate you taking the time to do that for me! My excitement for Northwestern is increasing as it gets closer and closer, and I know it's going to be the perfect place for me!! Thank you so much for everything you've done to help me get to this point, headed for the college of my dreams!!!!

Student, Northwestern 2014
Little did we know what you meant by "personalized college admission counseling" when we signed on four years ago. To be honest, we were just thrilled that we would have someone focused on helping us figure out how to get him through high school with the right classes. What we learned is that the EDvantage team was totally invested in helping him forge his high school to college path. It was a relief, knowing that you and he were on top of the admissions process (especially the essay writing!) and all things related to gaining admission to college. Your advice was professional, yet teen friendly, and we all appreciated the helpful nudges to keep him moving forward. Because of your dedication and help he was accepted into all the schools on his college list and will be attending his number one choice this fall. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Proud parents, University of Oregon, 2014
You were awesome. He never would have got those essays finished if you had not hounded him!

Parent, Brown Class of 2011
just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me, and everything you have helped me with. I'm so excited to finally be headed off to a real university!

Student, CC Transfer, 2014
As my year is winding down and I'm getting ready to go home, I finally am also getting in line and anxious for college to start. A few days ago I was thinking about the whole college process we went through (twice) and decided to go through old emails just for old times sake. I have 776 emails from you (pretty crazy)! When I saw that number I honestly realized how much you helped me over the last five years and feel so fortunate that I had the opportunity to work with you. Your professionalism and care for each little "bump in the road" I came across made everything so much easier and stress-free. Thank you times a million, Lisa! You truly are amazing at what you do, and have motivated me to get to where I am today. I will keep you updated this coming fall once I am settled and ready to move forward.

Student, Northwestern 2014
I'm writing to you from Syracuse! I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me the past two years. I know I wouldn't have gotten into any of those schools without your help. You are great at what you do. Thanks for giving me options and for allowing me to explore them. I can't thank you enough!

Student, Syracuse Class of 2013
Hooray! Thank you again. You are just great in what you do...Things probably would not have turned out so perfect without your expertise and direction in his college search process.

Parent, Stanford 2012
I want to thank you once again for the wonderful workshops about college admissions that you share with the parents and studentsÖeveryone that I talked to spoke of how useful the information was and what a wonderful presenter you are.

PTSA President
I wanted to thank you for your guidance and support which have been invaluable these past two years. I know it is largely due to your help and guidance that I have been able to obtain my college dreams and have such confidence in my future.

USC, 2012
With all the hard work you did for me, you made my life much easier and for that I thank you, truly!

CU Boulder, Class of 2012
I am so glad I worked with someone who was as professional as you were, while still being able to enjoy your company on a personal level.

Stanford, 2012
I just wanted to take the time to thank you greatly for all the help you gave me throughout my college preparation process. I am EXTREMELY glad that we decided to work with you. I am super excited to have gotten into my number one school... yeah Gauchos!! Once again, thank you so much!

UCSB, 2012
Just wanted to let you know how over-the-top-absolutely-magnanimously-thrilled we all are at LMU. He couldn't be happier and is really flourishing.... already! As I drove him up the 405 that morning of dorm check-in, he said, "Mom, I really feel so good about LMU. It seems the perfect place for me." To hear those words at the time many kids would be feeling a bit scared, anxious, insecure about leaving home for the first time, put this momma's heart as such ease.

Parent, LMU 2012
Every referral you get, and not just from me, is well deserved. I think you are amazing.

Parent, UCSB Class of 2012
I do not feel we could have made it this far without you.

Parent, Wittenberg Class of 2011
Without EDvantage, my college experience could never have been close to what it has been so far; truly a match made perfect.

Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2010
You were able to show me that my dreams could come true and that getting into college was not hard at all, as others made it seem...

Cal Poly SLO, 2009
Thanks for all of the help along the way. I really appreciate that you put up with me for this long. I'm ridiculously excited, and I couldn't be happier...this is perfect!

Student, Class of 2014
I can't thank you enough for helping my daughter get her applications into the best possible shape.....so many kids are getting denied and she was accepted to UCSD, UCLA, USC and Tulane. I think she is already happy with her options.

Parent, HS Senior class of 2011

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