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Understanding the Big Picture

At EDvantage College Consulting , we believe in a comprehensive college counseling process that begins as early as possible. This is not to cause anxiety or promote unnecessary mania about college admissions. Rather, it is important for parents to understand that the academic coursework students take in tenth grade will ultimately impact recommendations for advanced courses in later years. And, the coursework students take in high school is ultimately the most important factor in college admissions. We meet on an hourly basis with sophomores to help draft the high school three year plan, including helping students to identify extra-curricular activities in which they might be involved. In the sophomore year meeting(s), we also make recommendations for SAT/ACT preparation and outline the studentŐs personal test taking calendar.

In the EDvantage Sophomore Meeting(s), the student and parent(s):
  • Discuss client’s current stage in educational process
  • Begin discussing needs, desires, concerns, and questions of student
  • Begin discussing needs, desires, concerns, and questions of parent(s)/guardian(s)
  • Plan and evaluate academic and personal goals
  • Design the four year high school course plan
  • Review of academic history (grade transcripts, records, current course placement)
  • Recommend SAT/ACT preparation based on your childŐs specific needs
  • Outline the SAT/ACT test taking calendar
  • Discuss how to access most rigorous courses and identify appropriate tutors, if necessary
  • Discuss extracurricular activities including, but not limited to: athletics, volunteer service, the arts, & unique personal involvement outside of the classroom
  • Make recommendations for various summer programs and opportunities for enrichment or remediation

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